My wife, Natalie, and I had a great time learning our first dance under the patient and excellent instruction of Debra Kee. Neither Natalie nor I are very gifted when it comes to dancing, but Debra was fantastic and we both learned things we never thought we could do.

In the short time we spent with Debra, she took us through the basic steps and all the way to the eloquent spins and dips.

Aside from being a great instructor, Debra is a wonderful person. To give us the extra confidence we needed, she went above and beyond by traveling to our reception site to practice our dance with us. Being short on time, but still wanting to put together a classy first dance for our guests, we did Debra’s Dazzle up your Dance lesson package.

Our dance turned out wonderful and my only regret is not spending more time with Debra.

Nick and Natalie Paskiewicz – happily married on October 26, 2014


What the students say about The Wedding Dance Pro



You truly made our wedding so very special. We received a

standing ovation from all the guests as Patty and I went through

our first turn on our first dance to our wedding song. It was totally unexpected, my brother who was video taping had missed it because he had re directed his camera, thinking that we’d just be performing a constant slow dance as everyone else does.

Then he immediately swung back the camera to film us once he had realized that we were performing fancy dance moves.

That in itself was a major hit with the crowd, I guess you can say we showed off.

Deb the weeks of practicing with you and going over all the sequences really paid off big time!!! Thanks Again!!!

Cary & Patty  Image

Gayle, (channel 8 news)

My husband and I are so excited that you are doing a story on the Dance Designer, Deb…

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What the students say about The Wedding Dance Pro


You truly made our wedding so very special. We received a

standing ovation from all the guests as Patty and I went through

our first turn on our first dance to our wedding song. It was totally unexpected, my brother who was video taping had missed it because he had re directed his camera, thinking that we’d just be performing a constant slow dance as everyone else does.

Then he immediately swung back the camera to film us once he had realized that we were performing fancy dance moves.

That in itself was a major hit with the crowd, I guess you can say we showed off.

Deb the weeks of practicing with you and going over all the sequences really paid off big time!!! Thanks Again!!!

Cary & Patty  Image

Gayle, (channel 8 news)

My husband and I are so excited that you are doing a story on the Dance Designer, Deb K. Deb was instrumental in helping us make our wedding day, November 22, 2003 even more special. We have attached a couple of photos of the two of us dancing on the tundra in Key West at the Southernmost House. Deb designed our wedding dance to “What a Wonderful World” within only three weeks. She then trained two very “left-footed” dancers over a six week period of time. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the dance tapedor we would send it to you.

The lessons were designed specifically for us and it made us feel very special. Deb was patient and we enjoyed our sessions very much. She helped us to know that a “well choreographed” wedding truly needs a choreographed dance by the bride and groom. She was very patient with us and gave us the confidence to know that while the dance would be viewed by all, it was “our” dance that she designed just for us and for our song.

Since that special day, when we hear the song, “What a Wonderful World”, we not only know that is our song but is our “dance in life” as well. We appreciated so much all that she did for us.

If we can provide for you any other feedback or information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a super day!!!Image

Jean Strickland and Jim Bacon

Hi Gayle, (channel 8 news)

I just heard from Deborah Kee that you’re going to be doing a story on

her and her business, 1st Wedding Dance Lessons.

I first met Deb at an international dance competition last fall where she was a judge. I asked around for recommendations for a good dance teacher and everybody there recommended her.

So, my fiance and I, Hank Campbell, are currently taking lessons from Deb and are having a blast doing so. We’ve been taking lessons from her since early December (our wedding is at the end of March), and we both feel like we’ve vastly improved. We both had little experience and little confidence (especially my fiance), and now we’re just about ready to dance in front of 200 people with ease. It’s going to be amazing. She’s spent countless hours with us in choreographing our dance and has shown an incredible amount of patience with us as we’ve made mistakes. Plus, she’s really funny and fun to be around. I hope you have fun doing the story.

On a side note, she has a really interesting story as well. From being in the Hustle Hall of Fame, to being ina victim ofa crime that left her in a wheel chair for 2 years, to her desire to work with troubled teens, she’s incredible.

Have fun with the story.Image

Carrie Pratt

Debra Kee is a very talented and creative dance instructor. A few weeks before the wedding she gave us our moves and choreographed our opening dance for our wedding reception which was held on St. Pete Beach Aug 2003. Our opening dance created quite a surprise sensation for our guests. To this day our family and friends still talk about how memorable our first dance together was.

All in all the wedding reception was a major success, and we really appreciated her contribution. We have known Deb for quite some time now, she is a really lively and interesting woman.

Once given the opportunity, she will add a very new and dynamic dimension to your show, and she will see to it that you are provided with very interesting footage This project is very important to Deb, and we would like to take this opportunity in wishing her all the best of luck and success….

Please let us know when the segment will be aired so that we can be sure to watch it.

Cary and Patricia StouteImage

“Our experience with Debra was simply fantastic.

She painstakingly crafted the perfect dance for us, gradually increasing its complexity to match our ever-improving dancing skills.

We kept the “big dance” a closely held secret, and our wedding guests were absolutely stunned!

We walked off the dance floor to a standing ovation, and just couldn’t be happier with how our dance turned out.”Image

Jon and Sarah Beth Perry

“My husband and I took ballroom dance lessons from Debra prior to our wedding. She did a wonderful job choreographing our wedding dance, a rumba.

We enjoyed the experience so much that we continued to taking lessons after our wedding.

Debra is a talented dancer and a patient teacher. We really enjoyed our time with her!” Debra is personable and creative…a real expert.

We hired her more than once.Image

Crystal and Atty Robert Bruce

Anyone who hasn’t treated themselves to one of Debra’s group Lessons…she makes learning to dance easy & fun & chances are you’ll cry “uncle” before she will. You get more than your money’s worth & a lot of laughs in the bargain. We really enjoy Debra’s teaching style & humor. Her sessions include plenty of practice time & all the individual help & critiquing you can handle. Debra makes it a point to create an atmosphere of freindly, comfortable camaraderie amongst participants, encouraging everyone to get involved.

Looking forward to the next time,


Hi Debra,

Thanks for all your time, work and effort to bringing us as usual a great dance, and notwithstanding,sharing a dance with you is the icing on the cake.

I appreciate as myself dancing as a student of dance, you truly exemplify yourself as the accomplished professional in that you never prompt my leads, whether good, mediocre or bad and honor my role of the leader.

Many kudos to you.

Keep up the good work.Image

John Acuto

Greetings Friends:

I am forwarding announcement of new Salsa Club in Clearwater

where my good friend (and dance teacher) Debra Kee will be

conducting Salsa lessons starting February 2.

A “fun” diversion like this might help balance your busy


Debra is currently teaching me the East Coast Swing and a

real task master covering the basics and style”. She is

recognized in several national Halls of Fame for Dance and

judges many dance competitions in Florida.

If you have that lifelong ambition to learn to dance or learn

a specific dance, call Debra at 727 342 3842

She has a studio in her home in south St. Petersburg and will work with you on time for lessons.

Keep in mind that she works with engaged couples to teach them to dance and/or choreograph their “wedding dance”, as well as other dances played during their reception.

Hope you have a great week.Image

Toni Wolf

Your Philosophy

From: Mary at

Date: 10/12/2006 2:12:04 PM

Hello Debra,

It was great speaking with you yesterday. I was browsing your site when I came to the section about your philosophy of dance and life.

I loved it!! Remain Teachable!! Continue taking lessons and learning and developing.

The one thing working for AccessDance and computers I have learned is for every one thing you know there are ten more you do not know.

It is all about attitude. Keep up the positive vibes and thank you for

sharing. You made my day!!

“Debra knows dance and knows how to teach it and make it fun! There is nothing better than being able to dance with your loved one. Try it!”

Mindy McCortney H.S.N.and T.V. spokesperson

 Rick Thornton posted to Debra Kee
THIS IS THE LADY WHO INSTILLED THE LOVE OF DANCE IN ME. I WAS 550 LBS. HAD WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY. AND EVEN LEARNED TO DANCE ANS TEACH IT. BUT MY KNEES ARE SO BAD NOW.I HAD TO QUIT TEACHING IT. I TOUGHT AT THE CHRISTIAN SINGLE DANCED IN TAMPA,BRANDON,LAKELAND, AND ALL AROUND ORLANDO.I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Deb for opening up a whole new world to me! I came to St. Petersburg this last January as a traveling nurse. I had always wanted to learn how to dance, but didn’t know where to begin. Thank goodness I ran across Deb’s website!
From the beginning she was absolutely wonderful! Deb is such a interesting person and so fun to be around. My goal was to be able to go anywhere and be able to dance comfortably. Deb was so professional and patient with me! She taught me as much as my brain could handle, bless her! Our lessons covered West and East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba, Hustle, Waltz, Cha-Cha and more! If you want to learn, she can teach it!
Deb was great at breaking it down in small sections so that I could conquer it. Next thing I knew we were making it through an entire dance! She was so encouraging when I wasn’t quite feeling the same.
The best part is I was able to walk away with a solid foundation that will carry me wherever I may go. I have a acquired a skill and a dear friend also. Deb gave me a gift I will carry forever in being able to dance and I am so thankful for that! Lori Forte


Many wedding couples have never really danced together much and even less on an empty dance floor in front of an audience, a camera, a video camera and on the most special day of their lives!

While this experience can be intimidating for anyone, from another perspective, it is actually a wonderful opportunity.  With just a little planning, your first dance can be one of the most special moments of your entire wedding, remembered and cherished by you and your guests.

Think about it, what can be more moving than a perfect dance between two people who truly love one another?

Here are 6 simple tips to consider 

1. Be constantly mindful of the ultimate objective:

 Many couples place too much pressure on themselves by believing that their first dance needs to be a Grammy-worthy production fit for “Dancing with the Stars”.

First, if you are not a competent dancer, this kind of pressure is just unnecessary, particularly since you have many other things to worry about.

Secondly, this isn’t what a first dance is meant to be. People don’t want to blown away by a Broadway production – they want to see the real you! This means that they want to share a special moment with you. Some ladies say, “I hope I don’t cry at this wedding!”, when in fact they would just love to be at a wedding that is so moving as to bring them to tears (and wouldn’t you love to be it!)

This is what needs to be expressed in your wedding dance. The dance must look natural and you will need to practice to create this impression.

2. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

 Yes, a simple 3 minute dance may not seem like much to prepare for but in order to appear flawless yet natural, you will need practice. We have coached couples with only 2-4 weeks left before the “big day”, however, this really does not allow for adequate preparation and certainly is not adequate for creating the ideal wedding dance.

So rather start earlier than later – once you learn the dance, you can always suspend your coaching sessions, allowing you more time for other parts of the wedding planning, and begin again just before the wedding for a few touch-up lessons.

Actually, spending time learning to dance will most likely be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of your wedding planning process. It can be a shelter from the endless “To Do” lists, if you approach it in a fun way. If you are not good dancers, there is no harm in starting right now!

3. Aim to dance an enhanced version of yourself!:

 Your first dance can potentially go in two extreme directions:

The first,  you dance to a song that is emotional and significant, bringing back memories or welling up tears in most of your guests because they see real love. The two of you look relaxed and natural and your guests remember it fondly and will always talk about it with excitement and a touch of jealously.

The second direction is a little darker, which you may have seen before:

The dance looks awkward as the two of you step in endless circles, as you “high school sway” your way through the song, praying for the end to come OR the dance looks too hot and spicy and crossed the line that has your guests uncomfortably, headed for the buffet rather than lining up for their turn on the floor.

Opportunities to make a first dance unique and expressive of your unique relationship include your selection of wedding music. Perhaps there is a song that has significance to the two of you, your families or friends. Remember, the dance must look like it is a natural interaction between the two of you.

4. Think about your wedding party and guests

 Don’t assume that your guests can dance…..non dancers like to mingle ,talk, hear and be heard, so watch how loud the music is played. Secondly, don’t assume that your guests enjoy the same music as you.

 Think carefully about your selection of wedding music, taking care to play music that is more appealing to the older folks earlier in the event (as they tend to leave earlier) and mix up the music with rock, disco, county and western with the current hits.

5.Other dances to consider

If you plan to include your groom or bridal party in the dancing, you may want to recommend or offer them some dance lessons (yes, I do offer group rates for such scenarios.) This is fun inexpensive way to boost everyone’s confidence.

Don’t forget the Father/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance. Dad might want one or two lessons to brush up his dancing with the Bride. If your wedding is very formal, don’t forget the couple’s ”last dance”

6. Cost

Assuming that by now you know that any cheapie” get you in the door” special you find in the paper isn’t a money saver.

I am going to be direct about the cost per lesson/hour. Most instructor Nationwide are priced somewhere between $65 and $100.00 per hour. Before you faint, remember, this is a lesson for 2 people not one person. There is choreography included. Most of this is done when you are not there. Many hours go into counting out measures, phrases, stuff you don’t need to be concerned with, to make the dance work.

Then steps are put together along with an entrance and exit. Then it is changed, and changed and changed again. For every hour you buy, the teacher will put in at least 2 if not 3 hours.

With the money you are spending on things that go into the trash can or back to the vendor’s rental company after your wedding, what you spend on your dancing is a very sweet deal.  You will have it the rest of your live.

You can create your own heirloom to hand down to your children. I bet you aren’t wearing your Mother’s wedding dress….if you have a girl, you can bet she won’t wear yours. Boy or girl, you can teach them your dance for their first dance.

 Add lessons to your gift list!  Have two friends go together and get you a lessons instead of fancy platter you will never use!

Most couples who have not danced much will require at least 15-20 lessons. Couples who think they can dance, but can’t, will need more in order to break bad habits.

Spend smart. No one remembers your cake, flowers,colors or really wants to look at your pictures, unless they are in them, but everyone remembers if you could dance.

Your Wedding Dance Pro, Debra Kee, 727 342 3842








1st Dance Poem

The day is here and the time has come

For you and I together as one

For a lifetime united we’ll be

So take my hand and Dance With Me

All eyes are watching  

As I draw you near

and as we dance

It’s perfectly clear

That I’m the luckiest 

Guy that I know

To hold you in my arms till I’m old

 We’ll dance together

We’re gonna dance forever

 This moment now will come and go

But when it’s gone

I want you to know

 There’s not one thing

That I’d rather do

Than stop the world and dance with you

Take my hand and Dance With Me

 Let’s celebrate for the world to see


We’ll have a lifetime to make our history

 So come on baby and Dance With Me

Why dancing?

After years of  complaining that there just isn’t enough information on the web about the importance of the first wedding dance, I decided to change that by blogging.

My hope is that couples will see the importance of this tradition and be a bit more savvy about how they spread out their budget in order to spend on what will last.

With all the money spent on a wedding, over half of you dollars goes into the trash can as soon as the festivity are over.  With the average wedding costing $25,000 in the Tampa Bay area, that’s a nice chunk of change being tossed around for just a few hours. The flowers are tossed, the napkins, matchbooks and trinkets in the garbage, linens, silver, chairs and such back to the vendors, bridesmaid dresses quickly donated, tux’s returned  and a wedding dress to be put away in storage for perhaps a daughter who will no sooner wear it than you did your mother’s dress. Then there are all those pictures that no one wants to look at unless they are in them and the cost of buying photos for family and friends who will never display them.
Please don’t misunderstand…..I love all the frilly, fun romantic “froo-froo” involved in weddings.  I believe the “bling” of the wedding should be better placed and showcased rather than spread all over with nothing really stranding out.  Ask your family and friends what they remember most about all the weddings they have been to. It’s almost  never the colors picked out or the design on the cake.One thing you can bet on is that they all remember if the couple could or could not dance!

Dance instruction is one investment of your wedding dollars that will go home with you. You can recreate that magical moment forever, use your dancing at home, out at an event, in any weather and need no special equipment.

Something I find every unique is that your dance can be handed down to your children….boy or girl. So, now you have created your very own heirloom.  These are dollars well spent and well placed.